General Information

LIMITED SIZE CLASSES:10-14 students, depending on age.Depending on demand, classes may be added. If you have a group of 6-8 students a class can be added if space & instructor are available.Minimum enrollment in most classes is 8 students. If class is cancelled due to small enrollment, you will be notified & refunded in full.

Class Observation is in the Fall and Spring.


Age & grade are basic guidelines; other factors include technique, strength, ability, dedication and attendance.  All disciplines of dance Level I/II through Advance REQUIRE teachers’ approval. Pointe, especially needs to be taken very seriously. Students need to be physically ready, based on ankle strength, agility and balance. This in addition to the number of years danced, age and mental readiness. Our staff is trained and educated to make decisions about placement based on the above criteria. In the long, it will be less frustrating for the student if they can perform at the level for which they are suited, rather then be placed inappropriately and then struggle.


Leotard and tights MUST be worn.

Appropriate color leotard (depending on class level) is required.

NO T-shirts or shorts will be allowed.

Skirts (short in length) may be worn.

Preschool through Kindergarten: Pigtails work best for tumbling. Please, NO bows.

1st Grade Level and up: Hair secured back in bun or ponytail.


Dance attire and dance shoes are available to purchase at the studio. Check our website for price list of required dress code items. Please come in July or August, before classes begin to purchase any items you need.

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